Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lake Geneva

Today is my birthday! I love my birthdays they are real fun. I had a bagel today and pizza and ice cream cake! And tonight I'm going out to dinner with some friends for Thai food. Tomorrow I'll think about broccoli again , ooops!

This weekend Andrew and I took a little weekend get away up to Lake Geneva Wisconsin. It was about an hour and a half drive and we stayed for 2 nights. If you follow me on instagram you've prob seen most of these pictures, sorry! But I've pretty much stopped carrying my real camera. Who needs it when you have an awesome iPhone!?!?

So, we had a real nice time on our last get away with just the two of us. Laid out by the pool, went to the beach, ate lots of food, walked by the local dive bar and didn't go in.... My have things changed since I've been preggo. Instead we found the local frozen yogurt spot.... We both got completely sunburned even though we used sun screen! I can't win, I'm fried. Andrew made an epic sand castle. Good times.

Here's some photos from the trip....

The creek behind our hotel
our Hotel pool...
instagram toes
Little sunset shot at the lake
cheesy iphone pic.
our little kitchen in our hotel room, cute! 
FRIED CHEESE CURDS.  i love Wisconsin for this reason alone.
Andrew's Castle in the making.  it took him an hour. ha!
still building
Little firework display at the beach
Almost done!  He added one more layer around the edge, i didn't get a photo of the final
Instagram, Dynamic Light Apps, used on the sunset.

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