Monday, October 1, 2012

It's October!

It's officially BABY MONTH! 

I seriously can't believe 9 months came and went so fast!  And now it's OCTOBER! Seriously, time flies when you are not drinking and brewing a baby... ;)

Here's a list of things i still must accomplish before this baby arrives:

1.)  Clean my house- i mean really scrub those floors.  I wish i could hire a maid, but i guess i have a free one and his name is Andrew.  Sorry!  I can't get down and dirty on those floors, i can barely bend over!

2.)  Finish packing my hospital bag, I just need to add my PJ's which i wear a lot, so that is gonna be a last minute add in.

3.)  Give Chai a bath.  She's gotta look her Sunday best to meet her little brother or sister!

4.)   Bust out the Co-Sleeper and make sure it fits by our bed in our little room, and see if I need anything else with to go with it.

5.)  Finish Downton Abbey Season 2... I watched Season 1- SO GOOD!

6.)  Make a music play list to listen to whilst in labor.  I think i am going to go with a bit of Ole Paul Simon's Graceland in this mix (amongst others)  I think listening to music i know all the words too might suit me better than some monks chanting.... we shall see!  

7.)  Have Andrew take a fancy picture of me and my belly - with our fancy camera, or anything other than my iphone and in a different outfit then that old stretched out tank top.  Perhaps get a framer to remember this pregnancy by?

I honestly can't think of anything else.  Since i had my shower in July I have been pretty ready for a long time now.  I am just waiting to feel something, some sort of contraction, anything... I sure wish i knew when this baby was coming.  But yeah, i get it.  You don't get to know when the baby is coming, that's the fun of it right?!?!
I am such a planner, knowing the exact date and time Baby Chobot was gonna appear would be awesome...  That's how it happens right?  The baby just appears?

Did  I mention it's October ?? OMG. 

This post is brought to you by: Tired 9 month Pregnancy Brain.

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