Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby Chobot's Room

Here are some photos of the final outcome of Baby Chobot's room!
Few notes about the room...

We did not paint the walls, they were already that color when we moved in- so since we rent we are just keeping it that blue color.

And i took all these photos with my phone, so they aren't the best quality.  Also, this room is pretty small and narrow so it's a little hard to get good angles.

We will start out with the paintings that Andrew did.  They turned out exactly like i wanted them!  I love the colors that he picked out all by himself. I ended up sticking with that color scheme.  Hope baby likes his/her little room!!

Beginning of the birds...

3 of the panels

Artist at work

Final- close up.  

Framed on the wall

Me, standing in the door way.  The hangy lanterns  are from Party City.
Another angle, Book shelf, dresser, changing pad on top

Book shelf. Please note baby chobot's 3d photo framed in the 2nd cubby hole. ;)  Bought those canvas drawers were i stored all the baby STUFF we have received so far.  Been nice for storage in such a small room

The wall above the crib-  Bird Decals were from Joanne Fabric. Looks a little empty over there, but that's it for now

Baby's stuffed animals and musical mobile thingy

More animals, little red guy on the left - from Aunty Adair!  Sleeping Sheep i heard was good, so i bought it,  Panda- i LOVE pandas, i had one growing up and this baby will too, Sock Monkey from Aunty Margo and Aunty Heather. Thanks Friends!

Old picture i've posted before but this is the other end of the room- Curtain is from target it's heat resistant and completely blocks out the sun. 

That's it!  I can't believe how quickly this room transformed, and i am so happy we got it done so early. Now we wait..... TWO MORE WEEKS!!!!

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  1. LOVE!!! It looks so great, those panels Andrew did are gorgeous!! Baby Chobot is going to love his or her new digs :)


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