Thursday, February 10, 2011

day one

day 1- recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself:
(photo credit: andrew via instagram app on the iphone)
1.  i like drinking beer (miller lite or bud lite)
2.  i like old man bars
3.  i have a pug- she is 5, i love her a whole bunch
4.  i was born in Illinois, but was raised in Texas, i am currently back in Illinois.
5.  i have to watch all of the oscar movies before the awards show.
6.  i am having an oscar party this year at my house.
7.   i was raised with no middle name- when i got married i legally changed my maiden name to my middle name.  I now have a middle name. it's awesome
8.  I never really had nick names growing up- now- with my new last name.. i have more then i can count. it's also awesome.
9.  i have been going to Bikram yoga for the past 6 weeks 3/4 times a week, and i think i am in love.
10. i ran 6 5ks last summer after never being able to run in my whole life..i like that and will do more this summer
11.  i've been with my husband for 10 years- married for 3. no kids for us... yet.......
12.  i love to travel and this summer we booked a trip to Europe- going to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam with husband.  Then going on a girls trip for a week, then going to my BFF's bachelorette party (maybe in Mexico), then going to her wedding.... my summer is booked.
13. My girlfriends and i that go on the girls trip together, we have girls night every Wed. night and we go to someone's house and make dinner and drink wine (lots of it) and usually watch something good like.. Top Chef !   it's real fun. 
14.  i love food... specifically tomatoes/ chicken/ wheat pasta/ and soup.
15.  i have become obsessed with La Croix- sparkly water. drink like 3 a day. it's da bomb.

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