Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Oscars!!!

If you know me- you know that i LOVE the Academy Awards.. i live for this day.  I just watched The King's Speech- cried like a baby- hellooooo... have you seen it?  So good!! It is a dorky secret goal of mine that i watch all the movies nominated for best pictures.  Below is the list of all the nominees- and for fun (cause it's fun for me) i'll write next to it whether or not i have seen it, and what i thought.......

The nominations for best picture are:

Black Swan:  - 
SAW it- loved- Natalie Portman was haunting and amazing- I will never look at finger nail clippers the same. Of course, Darren Aronofsky- Continues to WOW me and confuse the hell outta me..  and a little shout out to my girl Wynona Ryder!

The Fighter-  
Have not seen this one yet.. WILL watch it THIS WEEK.. MUST WATCH.  I know Christian Bell and Melissa Leo are top runners..

True Grit-     
I saw True Grit on opening night (Xmas)  in the theatre with my entire family (and Holly)- HEY HOLLY!!- haha- she doesnt read blogs!!!    Oh man, this movie was real good, and i really wish Jeff Bridges was more of a top runner- he was just great.  The horse scene- when they are trying to get somewhere (won't spoil it )--  Broke my heart.... and the little girl... so good.

Toy Story 3-  
Have not seen Toy Story 3 yet... prob wont before sunday.. i'm sure it'll be just fine in the Animated Category

Social Network-   
Social Network- was beautifully shot- the music was awesome.. (thank's Trent Reznor)..  but i dont know if it deserves ALL of  the accolades it's been getting... do you?

This movie was awesome- just the cinematography alone made this movie amazing.. if i were able to vote.. Best Director.  But it didn't even get nominated for best director.  Robbed.

The Kid's Are Alright -  
I really loved this movie.  Don't know if it really deserves Best Picture Nominations- but all of the actors we amazing.  And HELLO.. they don't tell you there is a hot sex scene with Mark Ruffalo (who i LOVE).  I wont tell you with whom the sex occurs. But my boyfriend Mark- has never been hotter in a movie.  And Julianne Moore- who i usually think plays the SAME person in every movie... stood out.  She's just one of those actors that has that "ugly cry" know what i mean?  Then of course Annette Benning.  Love her.

The King's Speech:   
i mentioned up top- I just saw this 2 days ago.  Collin Firth- is amazing. HE WILL WIN. easy.. I wish that Geoffry Rush would win too, oh man.. he breaks my heart.. doesn't hurt that he looks a little like my dad.  This movie was so perfectly cast- and the story was great- the acting was great.. oh man.. again.. i cried like a little girl.  Loved everything about it.  And can't forget Helena Bonham Carter.... i just wanted to her to bust into song like in Sweeny and Todd...  love her.

127 Hours-   
I just recently saw the Dateline about the real guy- and watching the movie- James Franco was perfect for the role.  I think he did a great job.. but poor guy won't win... Colin Firth- 100%.

Winter's Bone-   
I haven't seen this movie- and i dont even remember hearing about it when it came out in the theatre- But it is on my netflix- so i'll watch it one day.. not in a hurry to get to it before Sunday.

I also added a poll over there ------------------------------------------>  and a little up there  /

YOU can vote for what you think will win best picture.  I just chose Social Network and The King's Speech as options because those are the top runners and i want YOUR opinion... i know I only have 4 readers- but if you happen to run across this- please vote anyway. It's FUN!

Can't wait till Sunday.. I'm having a few friends over- to eat- bet on the winners- and drink lots of glasses of wine!

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  1. ummmm, we might just have the same taste in EVERYTHING. bw- mark ruffalo is MY boyfriend, so step off! j/k.
    loved kings speech, loved the fighter, loved true grit (i also have a crush on jeff bridges. the dude abides.) social network was good, but a little overrated. can't wait for your post-oscar post.


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