Monday, February 7, 2011


I asked my husband last night, if he had read my blog  yet... he said.. "no i haven't had a chance."  Fair enough.  Then while watching Glee after the superbowl, there was a song on there that made me cry (as Glee tends to do).  I said... "oh!  i can't wait to add this to my blog tomorrow.." He said, "see.. i dont need to read your blog, i am living life with you. haha.." - meaning: he doesn't want to have to relive Glee more then once... haha....  I (as some of you know) am a complete sucker when it comes to all musicals, and musical theatre... etc..., so as you may have guessed.. i love Glee.  i want to share (cheesy as it may be) one of my most favorite moments on Glee.  Every time I watch it... i get a lil' teary.  Yep... that's me - cheesefest 2011. (didn't you know?)   I must preface this by saying, i had never heard the original song before i saw this episode, now that i have... this one by far takes the cake... Katy Perry-who?  
Also- a quick mention that they were doing a national search to Cast the main guy singing (Darrin Chriss' Character)  and I got to submit on it at work!  I was so excited to be able to legitimately submit on Glee, because they actually released it to Chicago... Highlight of my year.
Here was the breakdown.... (shhhhh)
(BLAIR] Male; 18 or over to play high-school Junior. He is a masculine gay man, handsome, sexy, smart and he has loads of charisma (basically a late teen Tom Ford but vulnerable to boot). He is the lead singer in an opposing Glee Club. MUST BE AN AMAZING SINGER RECURRING GUEST STAR

Alas, they picked the right guy (not out of Chicago)..

the song from last night, is not on You Tube yet..  i'll share it when it gets there.
Oh..... it's snowing again in Chicago.  That's awesome, and i haven't moved my car in a week.  Is it time to move yet?  Andrew? are you reading this yet?  Can we move to Hawaii? (or Texas?)
k, cool. xo

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