Monday, August 29, 2011

The Interweb

So it's the week before a holiday and guess what that means.... we are DEAD at work.  No one is making commercials, no one is casting for indy films, no one is looking for models for any print ads,  no one is calling me... (well they are still calling but with questions like:  How do i become a model?  Do I need experience? Do i have to know how to act?)  :0 - blink, blink, chirp, chirp....

So like any 9-5er on a computer all day long, i surf the world wide web, aka the interwebs.

What website do you look at to pass the time?


1.  Facebook
2.  all of YOUR blogs
3.  Pinterest
4.  Facebook
5.  Facebook
6.  MSN Homepage
7.  Perez Hilton
8.  TMZ
9.  Pop Sugar
10 Facebook
11.  Huffintonpost
12.  Facebook
13. chat with my friends on my Gmail.

I am at a loss for any thing else..
What do you view to pass the time?  I need something new.

Last friday, i watched a movie from instant Netflix at my desk...  shhhh... dont tell my  boss.

Going back to play on pinterest.  Dear Monday, please hurry up- thanks!

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