Friday, January 27, 2012

A Good Read

Happy Friday Friends. 

Just a quick post to talk about BOOKS and such.... What are you reading?  It's winter, I want to be cold and hunkered down with hot soup (or hot coffee) and a good book!

I just finished this:

By: Mindy Kaling from the Office.  (didn't meant to cut that out of the photo).  I got this book for Christmas from my father in law.. how awesome is he!?!?  Every year he gives every kid (im a kid in this scenerio)  a BOOK!  And boy have i caught on, cause this year- i knew what i wanted, and i requested this little gem above.  It's a very fast read and oh so funny.  I have always loved her on the office and wondered how she got so fancy to be one of the head writers of the show and Executive Producer - (these are things i wonder about)...
But she answers all questions, and will make you laugh while doing so! You like Tina Fey's Bossy Pants right?  This is up there with that.  I promise. 

So once i closed that book, i immediately got on the.......

"Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" train.  I know i am late to this game, but i really didn't have any interest till now.  I wanna see that movie!! But i gotta finish the book before i do.  When i was home for Christmas- Holly gave me her copy of the book because she was not interested in reading "so much jargon"  - I understand... it is a lot of "jargon" at the beginning of the book- but oh boy.... does it get good after you get through the first... hmmm 90-100 pages... THEN the story gets going.  I'm currently on page 110- so i have a lot to go.  But i am very much looking forward to gettin' cozy and diving into this book this weekend.

Before those books, i finally finished the Hunger Game Trilogy.... Hello!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT MOVIE!!!  Let's watch the trailer shall we?

EEEEEP!!! So exciting!!!

PS.  I realized i forgot to write my predictions for the Golden Globes on my little blog- like i did last year.  I would have been right on a lot of them, dang!   But don't you worry, i am gonna get my ducks in order for my Oscar predictions.  I have to do some catch up on some of the movies, so i'll report back.  It's the little things folks.

PPS.  Last night i finally finished the Wonder Years Series... 6 seasons... of Kevin and Winnie.  SIGH.. sad it's over.  Thinking of what to watch on the ole Instant Netflix next.  Andrew and i have been obsessed with it.  We've watch... Portlandia.  and The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret  both so funny among others...   I am thinking Friday Night Lights could be next for me?  We shall see... decisions, decisions!

Happy Weekend folks!

Happy Reading!

Happy Netflixing! or

Happy whatever you love to do!! 



  1. you make me want to do many things...
    1. be a music mogul (well sorta, i guess maybe just take a liking to it all together a bit more, music that is...not moguling)
    2. wear red tights, and live somewhere worth buying a fantastic coat for
    3. be creative in every sense of the word
    4. love hard from far away
    5. have a dog, love the shit out of it, then clean up the mess after :)

    i enjoy your blog, it makes me happy
    ps. that song you posted on your "song of the day", the guy staring blank in the camera, with the sick vocals...make me shed a tear or maybe kinda sorta go into the ugly cry. they are ridiculous, and thanks for showing me what is out there on the reverse of the common. xxoo

  2. Thanks Monica! So sweet!! and yeah- that song gets me too!!


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