Friday, January 20, 2012


Not much to report over here.  It's really snowing out there, (understatement of the year).  We are getting up to 8 inches tonight.  I am at work, and people are calling left and right to cancel their auditions/ Callbacks.  NOT FUN. 
And Andrew is texting me- wanting to go see a band play tonight ... i mean... don't people want to stay in and be cozy on snow days?  I DO! 

I would like to go home (read: NOT be at work)
-Order Asian food (sorry asian deliver-ers for making you come out into the snow)
-and watch a movie that Andrew downloaded so i can prepare for my annual Oscar award show ballots (shh, don't tell he downloaded the movies, perhaps Moneyball?).
-  have  a glass of wine (or two) for the first time this week (i made it a point not to drink all week), not that i am drunk, but i think i've mentioned before i like to a have a glass or two every now and then.

Since Jan. 1st (ish).  I have been counting my calories.  Uh huh.  I even count them on a Friday night when Andrew and i go out for Sushi and i basically drink a bottle of wine.   

Things i have learned from counting Calories:

1.)  A miller lite beer has less calories then 5 oz of white wine
Miller lite:  96 calories
Glass of white wine:  121 calories.

I MEAN REALLY!  who knew?? 

2.)  I don't know how to count the calories when i make homemade soups.  Lots of ingredients!

3.)  Its been really nice because i really have to think twice of what i put in my mouth

4.) i used this counting calorie app a few years ago and there is a new feature:  You can SCAN your food with the bar code and it'll tell you how many calories is in it.  awesome.

5.)  A little Cutie (baby orange) is 35 calories, and a banana is 90!  i used to eat a banana every day!  not anymore.  i need to save those calories!

6.) did you know pickles don't have ANY calories. WHAT?!??! i know, i know,  salt.. but damn!  im buying more pickles!

7.)  Sweet tooth alert:  1 piece of dark chocolate (a square) = 63 calories.  not bad!

8.)  it's a good thing i eat a lot of veggies... 1 cup of steamed broccoli :  55 calories!

9.)  my breakfast that i eat every week day at work: 
1 hardboiled egg (no yolk): 25 calories.
16 oz of coffee:  5 calories!! 
8 tablespoons of vanilla soy milk:  50 calories!! 
- i dont really use 8 oz. of soy milk, but i tend to round up, just in case.
Breakfast:  80 calories

10.)  having a scale to weigh your food is a must!  and not too annoying!

11.) one piece of sugarless gum is 5 calories. haha. i chew a lot of gum.

Ok, that's just some of the things i've learned...

By the way:
I am keeping track on an app on my phone called LOSE IT!

So, as annoying as i thought it would be it's been kinda nice keeping track of my calories.  even when i drink 5 beers on a Saturday night!! (what?  it's less calories then wine remember?!?)

My daily calorie intake is supposed to be 1,534- to loose a pound a week.
I have been doing good- but yeah.. not when i drink.  that's the MAIN reason i have laid off the wine this week.... even skipped my girls night! I haven't been weighing myself to see if i have lost anything, i decided to check my weight every month- not week.
Makes me less crazy.

Ok, well happy weekend folks. Need to cancel more actor's audtions cause no one knows how to drive in the snow. (easy for me to say sitting at a desk).


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