Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy NEW Year

2011 finished out pretty nicely for the Chobot's.  We went to a party and celebrated the new year with friends!  My favorite thing to do! (celebrate with friends).
This past year was a great year for Andrew and I for lots of reasons...

i figured out, i went to FIVE different countries!!!  Can you believe that??

Well.. 1st we had our European Vacation.  That was France, Amsterdam, Belgium (i know Amsterdam's not the name of the country, but it's more fun to say i went there.)  Then to Mexico for Holly's Bachelorette party, then of course America!! oh... America doesn't count?  Ok.. 4 countries.  But thats pretty cool i think !
And, since then.... we looked at our credit card and it is SCREAMING.  haha.. oh well.  it was all worth it.  If i spend money on one thing... it's traveling.  (fact about me).

What else happened in 2011.......  Chai turned 6 and i got a nephew! (on the Thomas side).  I had more other fun traveling adventures and so much fun with friends.  

And I began to pay attention to this little blog i started back when i was unemployed.  It's been real fun coming back to revisit this thing.  I hope you have enjoyed it.  If anything, it's a nice place to store things besides facebook---- did you know they own the rights to all of your photos on the Facebook?  it's true!  Even though, i still post photos there all the time (you will prob see some of these pics again)....

So thank YOU for giving me a place to vent, write, give my opinion, talk about Glee, and share my photos (that i still own the rights too).  Happy 2012. I look forward to A LOT of new beginnings!

Moving on:   New Year's Eve Photos.. are you ready??  PHOTO DUMP!!!

Me & Hayley, (my braided hair inspired by ole LC on the Pinterest) - Red tights, i HAD to wear again!

(Preggers- with her second baby....)Jess, Hayley and me. 

Hayley, Steve and Nick (on the stairs) and Andrew. - they posed.

From the top of the stairs at the NYE Eve party.

out of order photos again SORRY!  This is my Puppy chow- i made it 4 times this holiday season for many different occasions.  I got the idea off of pinterest and pretty much brought it to every holiday party.  

Puppy Chow in the making.....(let me know if you want the SUPER easy recipe).

another view at NYE party

Sweet Steve and Hayley!

DANCE PARTY!!  L-R, Margo, Andrew, Heather, Me, Steve

As i type this (meant to post earlier) - 2012 is in full effect.  I am looking forward to lots of things this year. ONE in particular (i hope)... but things on the ole blog can stay private- right?!?!

My Resolutions???

1.)  the usuals... work out more... get skinny... blah blah

2.)  forreal... portion control. I normally eat pretty healthy, i just need to NOT go back for 2nds, I don't know how to portion control.

3.)  Go shopping in my closet!  this isn't to say i go shopping a lot (remember, i spend most of my money on traveling...)  BUT, i tend to wear the SAME SHIT every day.. ... and i have a lot of clothes!  So... shopping in my closet means, look around, find things i haven't worn in forever, WEAR them.  If i don't, make a donation pile and get rid of them!  That's the real goal (oh yeah, and get skinny...blah blah).

4.)   I got a sewing machine for Christmas from my momma. I should learn how to use it. Right?

What's your resolutions?  How are they going on day 4?  Here's to a great 2012!

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