Monday, January 23, 2012

Super Bowl!!

Yesterday i posted on the facebook that i was real excited about the Giants going to the Super Bowl!!   I must explain. 

Being raised in Texas, coming from a HUGE Dallas Cowboy fan family, (i mean who isn't in dallas)?  But of course, i watch the Cowboys.  And after moving to Chicago and being good friends with a lot of DIE HARD Bears fans... i watch the Bears. 

But i have never cared too much about either teams.  (SORRY MARY,  hi MARY!!). 

But i LOVE the New York Giants.... and how did a texan living in Bear country fall in love with the New York Giants? 

Well because.. Andrew's Cousin plays for them!  YEAH!!  We got family on the NY Giants team!!!  (lot's of exclamation points... ) 

His name is David Diehl  #66 and all i know (again, not a huge sports fan)  is that he protects Eli Manning.  haha.   He's a real big guy and makes sure the other guys don't get the quarter back!

He's been playing for the Giants for about 10 years now and Andrew and i have been lucky enough to go to a few games when they play in Chicago.  And now they are going to the SUPER BOWL!!!  for the 2nd time since Dave has been playing on the team. 

And the Super Bowl is in Indiana this year.... there is talks with the Chobot crew (huge family)  to TAIL GATE at the stadium.  We shall see, but regardless, this Glee loving fan, loved watching that Giants Game last night.  I was real nervous, (over time!)  but a real fan regardless.


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