Thursday, January 12, 2012


Dudes, it's finally snowing! Yesterday it was like 55 degrees in JANUARY!! This is unheard of around these parts. Last year around this time we had the biggest blizzard in like 20 years!

But, please understand I'm not complaining... Because this Texas transplant LOVES the snow!!

We were supposed to get slammed last night. I woke up this morning ran right up to the window in my front room in hopes to see the beautiful sheets of snow... And there was nothing! But I checked out my weather guy, Tom Skilling - who I "like" on Facebook (he's awesome). He said the snow would start at 9am. So I busted out my new Hunters, yep I bought them as a Xmas gift to myself and finally got to wear them!!

At lo and behold right at 9am the snow started... I love it! Andrew texted me this morning... "looks like ole Tom was right on schedule with the Snow!". Haha! Gotta love the local weather guy.

Now ps. ... Snow, Please don't stick around till May. K? Thanks.

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