Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Summer I was Pregnant

I watched a LOT of TV.  I still hung out with my friends, I still went to the bars and cradled non alcoholic beers,  I still went out to brunch with Andrew almost every weekend and I still went out to dinner at least once a week or ordered in.

Instead of drinking, I ate lots of FroYo, and food in general.  
And Instead of going to the bars every weekend or going to the pool on those hot summer days, i stayed in the AC and watched TV.

Back in May we got HBO and Showtime free for 3 months.  That ended today, and thus so did summer.  Here are some of the shows we watched.  I say some, because i know I'll forget something.... seriously. I watched a lot of TV.  

When i have a baby, can I still watch TV?  My DVR better get ready for Fall TV. ... 

back to this summer.....

 New Shows we watched:

- Girls- i love it, do you love it?  
- News Room-  again, LOVE.  I saw Jeff Daniels on stage at Chicago Shakespeare Theatre a few years ago, singing and dancing. I love him in this role.
- Game of Thrones - I now have dreams that i am giving birth to a baby dragon...
- Veep - I tried watching this, but Andrew didn't really like it, so we only watched episode one. I'll have to go back one day and watch it all.

Shows we already watched, but continued watching:
- True Blood- meh, been watching it since the beginning.  kind of getting over it.

 New Shows we watched:

- Episodes-  Love it, Joey from Friends.  It's hilarious.  Give it a go!
- Shameless-  Shoots in Chicago. loved it.
- Homeland Never really like Claire Danes but I got hooked of course
- House of Lies- Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell.  Didn't love it, but watched it all.

Shows we already watched, but continued watching: 

- Weeds- so fun to watch it when it aired.
- Dexter-  It starts Sep. 30th. CAN'T WAIT
- Californication- Again starts later in the summer. LOVE

Other shows we watched on other networks

- Mad Men (AMC)  sigh.  went by too fast.
- Breaking Bad-  (AMC) Best show on TV. I can't believe we have to wait till next summer to see the last season..NOT COOL.  My baby will be like 12 next summer...
- Louie- (FX), funny
- The Killing-   (AMC), it was a good show, very addicting watched 2 seasons, then it got cancelled.  Fair enough, i think they did all they could do with that show.
- Portlandia -  (IFC) - I love these guys.  I can't wait to visit Portland!

Shows i still want to watch before the Emmy's on 9/23

- Downton Abbey  - (PBS) it's on Netflix, i've just been busy watching other things...
- American Horror Story- (FX)  I can't believe we didn't watch this last season. MUST WATCH.
- Revenge - (ABC), I know this show is not nominated for anything, but I think now that Desperate Housewives is off the air (shhhh..)  This will be my new guilty Sunday night pleasure.

If you've read my blog or know me, you know that i LIVE for award shows and i LOVE TV and movies. After a being pregnant in the SUMMER in Chicago, and missing out on so many fun things,  I really feel ready for this upcoming Emmy Awards.  (nerd alert)

And then, fall tv starts.  I already made my schedule for the new fall tv.  I'm a dork, i know...  Didn't you know?  I always say.... watching TV is pretty much my job.  I have to stay abreast on new tv shows and actors out there. Right?  
PS.  (Watch Chicago Fire!) Currently shooting in Chicago....

What do you watch?  Any suggestions on tv shows I am missing that are worth watching?  

After the Emmy's, I'll have to catch up on my movie watching for the Academy Awards!  I can do that in the middle of the night while breastfeeding.  That's the plan any way. ;)

Here is one i can't wait for already....  I will go see this on opening night and it just might be the last movie I see in the theatre for a really long time before the baby comes....  

This has Academy Awards written all over it, and my most favorite actor- Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

The Master

I could go on, and on.  But I am off to one of many baby classes.  
Be back tomorrow for my weekly preggo update.  FIVE MORE WEEKS TO GO!!!


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