Friday, April 15, 2011

Song of the day...

Song of the day for this lovely friday is.....

Band: Talking Heads
Song: This must be the place

When i was planning my wedding, we were looking for our "First Dance" song. I was on the train headed somewhere.. and this song came on my ipod.  I started crying on the train.  I thought for sure this was it, i just loved it so much.  After listening to it over and over- i decided it might be too fast for a first dance so i change it.

to this:

Band:  The Pretenders
Song:  I'll Stand By You

I have always loved this song- but forgot about it.  The first dance SONG at my wedding was VERY important to me... almost the most important detail.  So when this song came on So You think you can Dance (sue me, i love reality tv)... i cried.. and KNEW 100% this was it.  When Andrew got home, we practiced dancing in the living room to this song.. and it won.

Happy Friday Friends!  and Happy Birthday to my sweet friend Cortney !  She's about to be a momma for baby number 2.. check out her blog and just look at her new nursery- my girl's got mad creative skillz!

1 comment:

  1. a) this is my favorite blog template yet.
    b) LOVE the talking heads song. just did a little dance in the living room while listening.
    c) great first song. ours was 'i'd have to be crazy' by willie nelson
    d) thanks for the shout-out. love you~


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