Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Good Friday and I'm at work.....

Hi lovlies,

It's Friday- finally!  But today, it's super rainy, cold and grey outside. I am completely over this weather.  Like, it's not funny anymore.  And i am just dreaming of the nice summer days that I know are lurking.  I just feel like since i am anxiously awaiting those days, i am not living in the present time.. just day dreamin', you know?  ahhhh... summer.. i will wait patiently for you....

Tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny (FINALLY) but still high is only around 62 (not complaining!)   And tomorrow I am running my first 5K of the season.  The course is around Lake Michigan and through the museum campus- it's so beautiful (if it's sunny).  And i got my 5k run mix all ready to go on my ipod.  I kinda can't wait!  Send good thoughts for sun please and thank you.

Below is a googled photo..... that'll be me-  tomorrow!  (probs the one in the back - the slow one) :)  but crossing that finish line is oh so glorious! 

Also- let's talk celebrity gossip for a moment (I am at work and all of my clients are closed because of good Friday = lots of time on my hands today)

First of all.  - i do not approve of : Scarlett Johanson and Sean Penn...
BUT - it's because, i love Sean Penn and respect him as an actor- and Scarlett... COME ON! She's the worst.....  they wont last. (im very passionate about this obviously)

And can we talk about Benicio Del Toro getting Kymberly Stewart knocked up?  How the hell did that happen?

Did you watch the Office last night? I cried like a little baby- it's gonna be real sad saying goodbye to Michael Scott- Steve Carell is the best- he doesn't even have to say anything- his face does all the work.  I wish that Will Farrell would replace him- but we shall see... it's gonna be real hard to fill those shoes. 

I finally watched season finale of Parenthood last night- although some of it was predictable- it was still heartbreaking and I cried like a little girl (and a baby) - pretty funny that i watched the office after to try to laugh a bit....  oops.

I want to read Tina Fey's book -

AND i can't wait till the movie Bridesmaids comes out, written by Kristen Wiig (who i LOVE)
Let's all watch the trailer while i continue to watch the clock.

Happy Good Friday folks. xo

1 comment:

  1. oh jess, how i love you!
    booo to sean penn. it really kind of grosses me out that he is so predictable by going after a young piece of tail. and don't even get me started on my beloved benecio. i though ks was like 23 and was really upset, but after googling i realized she is 31 which makes it only a little bit better. i am still mad at him. wrap it up, dude.
    also, can't wait for bridesmaids; cried within 5 minutes of the last parenthood; and i can't wait to read all about tina fey.
    are we the same person?
    miss you. good luck on the 5k!


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