Monday, April 4, 2011

Can i have these?

So it's almost spring here in ole Chi-town and i am gettin' the shoppin bug like mad...
here are things i keep starring at on the interweb...
i wanna take the plunge on some.. on others...well,  i'll be glad i made this post come my b-day or Christmas so i can remember what i want..
here goes:::

Tom's shoes:  $44.00 - if you buy one, they donate to a child in need.  MUST GET THESE...

Food Saver-  this one officially make me OLD.. but i want it real bad-- too pricey so im gonna wait and hope for the best come my birthday... Andrew...are you reading???

Soda Stream- i drink lots of water- and and i buy lots of La Croix- i like the sparkly water.. i need this.

I wish my bed looked like this... i need a new duvet cover- not this one necessarily, but a fancy one in general... sooo many pillows.......

Red Cowboy boots. My momma actually gave me some, but they are WAY too big for my feet.... i need some that fit..

This cute little necklace with my initial on it... love these!

Picnic Table for my back yard.  I'm a renter though, so if i ever get one, it's comin' with me

Jeez-  i could go on and on.... i'll just be able to stare at my blog now instead of a bunch of different websites.

1 comment:

  1. i love this post. i want to shop too but my money tree is DEAD... i saw the baddest vintage cowboy boots recently for under $100. i have the website somewhere that i'll send to you as soon as i find it!


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