Friday, April 29, 2011


We made some Chili last night for the first time all winter season - and yes, i still think it's winter outside.  It's cold, and i want warm things in my belly....  Behold the Chobot's creation of throwing all sorts of veggies, turkey meat, turkey sausage, beans, and tomatoes into a pot and cooking!  (this was our first time adding turkey sausage- was a hit). oh, and a little kit from the grocery store called 2 Alarm Chili:

Here is everything in the pot:

After simmering for about 30-45 minutes

My little bowl with a bit of cheese added:

My whole set up- had to have the glass of wine and salad! 

And here is the version i posted on Instagram- isn't Instagram the best?

 Happy Weekend everyone!

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