Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What i watched last night....

This post might be a multi- weekly occurance- cuz let's face it. I watch a LOT of TV and i like to talk about it!! What on earth did i do before DVR's were invented?

Last night, after yoga- i started the evening with a 90 minute episode of Glee, it was a good Episode Kurt is back at his original high school- but then, my favortie Darren Criss (Blaine from the Warblers) had a little number they sang to say goodbye to Kurt......
Cut to - me rewinding it 5 times and crying like a baby..
Hi, my name is Jessica and i am an ultra sucker when it comes to Glee.
I always loved Glee - since the pilot episode- but ever since Darren Criss joined the cast- it's so much better!

So i know you are dying to see the performance that got me... I must preface it by saying, i have always loved this song - Keane's - Somewhere Only We Know..

Give it a look:

Next i watched:  Bravo's - Pregnant in Heels
Are you watching this?  Cortney Marting Bonner? Are you!?!?  When i first saw the adds for this, i thought it was like that Teenage preggo mom show (i do not watch that, i have my limits people!)  -  But it's actually about Rich ladies in Manhattan that call this women- Rosie Pope (who is super likeable) they call her with all these ridicuolous problems (they are pregnant and they wear heels). She is a preggo conceirge (or something fancy like that) I know it sounds dumb, and it is- but it's another guilty pleasure.... i have no shame.

Then:  The Voice
I know i don't need a link to that it seems a lot of people watched that last night.  I didn't understand how they were going to make this work either, but they did!  I really liked it.  I've always loved Carson Daly- you guys ever watch his show Last Call with Carson Daly?  It comes on pretty late at night, and he's always got really cool guests. Great underground musicians and artists- things like that- check it out. 
So the Voice- yes, i am hooked I liked it.  I didn't make it throught the whole 2 hours (got tired) (still on DVR to finish later) So i got to the point where all the judges had 2 people in their group- and Adam Levine had 1.  (the kid he got had a crazy good voice!!)  If you had the choice to choose between all 4 of those judges, i wouldn't choose adam either.  Cee Lo all the way!  It's a really good concept, i am sucker for a good voice.  How cute was that folky couple that live in her mom's basement- singing Falling Slowy from Once.
(Once is such a good movie!! and i LOVE that song)
So needless to say, i'm in.  Another show to add to the DVR. Sorry Andrew!  I'm interested to see how the next stage in the competition will go- the part that looked like a boxing ring...

Okie Dokie- enough with my nerdy TV reviews. I can't wait till the office on Thursday (saying good bye to Michael Scott )  and the ROYAL WEDDING!! Dvr is set for 3am.  I'll be back to talk about those i am sure.

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  1. 1) ceeeeeeeee-looooooooooo! he's the best. i actually like all of the judges except for christina. she bugs.
    2) i haven't watched pregnant in heels. yet. i am afraid it might make me want to punch someone.
    3) mark ruffalo is on tv right now. hubba hubba.


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