Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Livin' on the edge

Hey Ya'll

So instead of doing this last night:

 I opted for this instead:

My friend's boyfriend bought tickets to the Black Hawks game in hopes they would make it to the playoffs and they did! (i had no idea it was a playoffs game).  He couldn't go (had to work) so Hayley and I went and ditched yoga!  I of course felt EXTRA guilty that i didn't go to Yoga ( i should be working out, i AM paying out the butt for it!!) 
But i decided.. hey- i can do things like this NOW.. i don't have kids yet, and i can just decide at the last minute that i'll go to a hockey game and drink beer and cheer on a winning team... (again- didn't know they were winning) :)
I also decided next year for Lent i am giving up GUILT. 
Good one huh?  I dont really give up anything for Lent haven't for years- but being raised Catholic i have enormous amounts of guilt- and it's not fun.  Last night i let it go and we had so much fun! 

During intermission (you know...whatever its called in sports lingo)...

We saw this crowd and guys on the tv

of course i had to run and look!  Cameras? I'm there!!

The guys from the TV , live and in person!

also look who else was there: 
Vince Vaughn and his 12 year old girlfriend/ wife.. whateves..  i didn't see him but the paparazzi did!  He was on popsugar today.

Good times.

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