Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holidays: thru my iPhone

Nadine, Hayley and Steve- I'm back in Chicago in this pic!  I can't get these in order for some reason when i blog from my phone..  So, below are my out of order holidays thus far.
Thomas' Christmas Tree- 10 footer!
Me and ole married Holly
Back in Chi-town again- Sushi dinner with good friends!
Simone and Julian
From L- R,  Chico (laying on Andrew), Andrew, Me, Julian, Simone
My view from the couch I was sitting on for days...
Mr. and Mrs. Scholz
Chico Thomas
Adiar, Me & Andrew... HI ADAIR!! LOVE YOU!!
I Should just caption this: TROUBLE! - OJ, Omar, Andrew and Dion- Brothers & lots of SHOTS
Simone and Julian - being adorable.

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