Monday, December 5, 2011

Texan in Chitown

Chicago in all it's glory from the Bathroom of the Hancock Building. Apps Used: Dynamic Light and Instagram.
This weekend, My friend Lindsey came in town from Dallas just to get outta dodge.  She got a really cheap flight on American Airlines and she called and said.. "How does the weekend of Dec. 3 look for you?"  The weather was nice (not too cold).  And i showed her the city i forget is so beautiful- Especially around the holidays!  Here are just a few of the pictures i took.  Sorry for the weird placement of the text i tried to upload the pictures from my phone first then add the text. I am not sure how i messed that up.  Note to self.. Posting from phone is not ALWAYS that awesome i guess.  In other news, i am having a holiday party this weekend!  I am real excited for my friends to come over as we eat, drink and be merry!  Oh, and i still need to share our top chef challenge.  It's awesome.  that post coming soon (cause it's awesome)
So this picture to the right (the caption went away some how and i can't get it back!)  Anyways.. we laughed and laughed, because Lindsey ask for a tequila shot "dressed" and that little white blur on the table are salt packets.  We aren't in Texas anymore!   xoxo
Shopping on Michigan Ave.
View from the Bathroom of the Hancock Building, the Signature Room
 Night at the bar- L-R Hayley, me, Lindsey      


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