Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So this past weekend we had our 2nd Annual Chobot Holiday Parteee!
I scheduled the party pretty early in December so there would be no conflicts.  And it was a success! Everyone brought a dish to share and some drinks to drink.
Check out all the photos below.. i'll try to explain as i go.

ps. I never meant for this blog to turn into a photo journal, i promise one day i'll get my inspiration back and write some more- or not.. you know.. whateves!  ;)

Oh!  One thing about having a party at your house.... LEFTOVERS.  There are these brownies in the kitchen that are calling my name.

Did i tell you joined a gym?  i haven't gone this week...

On to the pictures forrealz...  (i gotta go watch glee).

The perks of being married to an art teacher: Custom made Missletoes!

The group- playing some Trivia Pursuit

Colie, Hayley and Me

Me and Alison on FaceTime with Holly!  (i heart the iPhone 4!)

So- this is the ONE picture i have of my xmas outfit.  Red tights, Black dress, green cardigan- all Forever 21.  I'll have to re-wear my outfit this holiday season, cause the dress was pretty cute if i do say so myself!

The PART-EE  (note the yule-log on the tv)

Andrew decorating our custom made snowflakes.  THANKS PINTEREST!

Ham (in the foil) Broccoli salad and rolls- ready!

Alison came over early to help me cook!

Do you notice this is a different camera?  (this one is worse)


Andrew's snow flakes- looks a bit like a mask.

Happy Holidays friends! I am so lucky to have such a great group of friends that want to come to my house and eat, drink and be merry. 

xoxo  now....  I'm ready for my trip back to Dallas for actual xmas.  

Dear- work, please don't suck and take forever..
Yours truly: 

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