Friday, December 9, 2011

Old Love

I was reading through one of the many blogs i read... and clicked on a link that led me to a blog that has taken over my afternoon.

It's called... OLD LOVE (as my subject implies) Sorry I am not sharing any of my old loves on here today.  haha.

If you love, celebrity & gossip and Hollywood new and old.  Then you will love this blog.  Cause as you all know.. I am pretty much obsessed with those things.

This blog shows photos of "Old Loves"  that once were. 
here are just a few that blew my mind!  Well.. not so dramatic-like, but you know... i suppose i might have gasped!

My Indie movie dream right here- who knew they dated?!?!  Jason Shwartzman and Zooey Deshanel. love this.. now that she's single I hoping for her and Joseph Gordan Levitt to get together in real life..... i know i know.! haha

Another Shocker:

Ad Rock (beastie boys) and Molly Ringwald!??!  This blew my 1990's mind!! LOVE
It's a good little time waster that blog, check it out!

Happy weekend friends.  I'm hosting a little holiday get together tomorrow. I am real excited!  I'm making a ham!  and Broccoli Salad, and puppy chow!  I'll take lots of photos and report back.  I even got on the pinterest and attempted to be crafty by making my own snowflakes!  Photos to come next week.

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