Thursday, December 22, 2011

Eat, drink and be merry

Hey friends! The holidays are approaching rapidly and I'll still feel like its September! Don't know why.... But there is no snow on the ground, it's not very cold (guess ill take it)! Either way I am starring at the clock at work and awaiting the 5:30 bell! (there is not really a bell).
Tonight we are rushing home, eating dinner, packing!! And heading to the burbs to drop my sweet Chai off for the holidays. I wish she could come to Texas!! But the trip is once again too quick, and shoot, I bet it cost a lot of money to travel with a doggie.
I feel like I blinked and this tear was over.... Just like I am gonna blink and I'll be sitting right back here... At my desk... Sigh- but again, I'm thankful to have a job!!!! (keep repeating that).

Here are some photos of recent times. Happy holidays my friends! If you want to be friends in Dallas- let's make it happen!! Xoxo

Fancy Dinner for Andrew's office Xmas Party.. YUMMERS
My sweet friend Sara's going/ away Birthday- she is moving to San Fran. love you Sara! (also picture: Kristen)
Another view of the food.
The Xmas work party
The ONE Day it has snowed so far this year.  This was taking on. 12/17
Our Xmas Card this year!! 
Behind the scenes of the card... she was terrified.
SOME of the candy/ goodies i have received at work and been EATING non stop

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