Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Movies

Hola! I have been Bored OUT OF MY MIND- at work this week.  I honestly think i am the ONLY person in my industry in all of Chicago that is working this week. I have been sitting here for 3 days..... looking at Pinterest, watching the Wonder years on Instant Netflix (currently on season 5).... and just watching that dang clock tick.  (and of course facebook)

I have also been reading blogs and trying to come up with some blog entries for myself.  I thought of one!  Holiday movies!  I decided to post my top holiday movies that i have seen over and over and over and are pretty much a must watch for me around this time of year.

In no particular order:  (im sure i am forgetting some) 

1.)  White Christmas

Such a classic, i have this movie memorize because a.) i own it and b.) i have seen it over 150 thousand times. c) i grew up on it. - oh and did you know i love musicals? ;)

2.)  ELF

I love sweet Will Farrell in this. And i fell in love with Zooey's D.'s voice in the bathroom scene singing "baby it's cold outside"  which has since become my most favorite Christmas song.

3.)  A Christmas Story

"You'll shoot your eye out"  - so many good quotes come from this classic movie.

4.)  Holiday Inn

Again, my dorky loves for musicals shine through on this class movie.  Have you seen it? i highly suggested in.  A tradition in my house.

5.)  National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.


6.)  Home Alone

Gotta love this one.  I grew up thinking that Mauchly (sp) Culkin and i were gonna get married, (we are the same age).  haha, not so much anymore- but growing up i loved this one and it's still great to see it - year after year.  and did you know the bad guy on the right (not Joe Peshi) is the narrator voice on the Wonder Years?  Kevin's inner monolgue.  It's true!  Daniel Stern is the guys name. (thanks IMDB)!

I think those are the main one's!  Am i missing any on your list?  What's your favorites?
Andrew loves the Muppet's Christmas Carol and i watched it for the first time this year... i think it could get added on to this list as an Honorable Mention.

Ps.  Did you know that Ross from Friends is on the wonder years as one of Karen's (kevin's sister) love interest?  Re- watching the Wonder Years has been very nostalgic for me- bringing back so many child hood memories.  Sweet Kevin and Winnie.  love it.

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