Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Top Chef Challenge!

Ok, so.. my friends and i get together every Wednesday night for girls night, but when Top Chef is on, we watch it!  We have been watching it for many seasons, but this year... we came up with a CHALLENGE!! (Side note)  My friend Hayley's Boyfriend's family plays this game with the show Survivor, so she mentioned it to us... YES PLEASE..

The Rules. 
There are 8 of us.. and when we started (a few episodes in)  There were 16 contestants left.  So each of us, (my lady friends) got 2 chefs each.   Our names were picked at random and that made the order in which we choose our chefs.

-bullock (jess)
-chabby (me)
So we sent emails back and forth to eachother all day and into the night (and sometimes early in the mornig!)  picking our choices.  We started this on a Tuesday- so it had to be done by Wednesday evening. Then once we got to the end, we reveresed the order.  (you still with me?)  It's a little hard to type i realize, much easier to explain.  But anywho..   
Then.. week by week we watch and see who get's kicked off the show, and that person is out.  
BUT there is a twist this year in the ole Top Chef!!  Not only is it based in TEXAS!! - they are going to San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin (really switching cities on us!)  There is also a LAST CHANCE KITCHEN!!  ~ cue the dramatic music~   So there is a chef that was kicked off the week before in the "Last Chance Kitchen"  and the one that got kicked off the show every week, has to challenge the last man standing!!!  DRAMA!!  
So... it's a bit of a twist, cause the person that gets kicked off the show- still has a chance!   the Last Chance kitchen is only shown on and available to watch online after the episode ends.
SOOOOooooOOoooo: in the end there is one CHEF and one LADY (me or my friends) standing.. and that person wins.... (drum roll)   A WOODEN Cutting board with their names etched in!!!  Cute right?  Then we do it again next year and the year after and rinse off that cutting board and pass it on.

Ok here is which lady friend picked which top chef.   
(FRIENDS! I stole your photos off of your facebook pages, hope you don't mind it's for a great cause: my blog!)

Val has:

Richie (VOTED OFF)
Chuy (In the last chance Kitchen)

Beverly Kim

Paul (totally killing it!)

Sarah (from Chitown!)

Chris Jones (Chicago)
Tylor Boring (real name)


AND ME!  (very happy so far with my choices)
Chris Crary
Edward Lee

So that's it! So far Val (sorry Val) is out.. both her guys got kicked off the show and voted into the last chance kitchen then got the boot out of there by Chuy- who is now the reining champ in there.   I'll keep ya'll posted, Week by week on who get's kicked off, cause it's fun!

Going tonight to Val's house to watch!  Wish me luck!! 
I WANNA WIN!!    did i mention i love games?  

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