Thursday, March 31, 2011

Winter Blues

Guess what?  It's still cold here.  It might snow tomorrow.  i'm wearing my winter coat, uggs, hat, gloves still.... I am reading all these blogs and can't fathom other people in other states wearing tshirts and shorts and flip flops, cute summer dresses, being OUTSIDE, havin fun, frolickin' in the sun.... SIGH....
when i look at the weekly weather on my phone:
I get this: 
(i know my phone needs chargin')
You guys see those snowflakes tomorrow....and the rain.......(boooo-hooo) but at least the sun is shining and there's gotta be an end to all of this madness i call winter..... 50 degrees on Saturday?!?!?!  I'm wearin' my bathin suit!!!  JK!! wouldn't want to do that to anyone....

On a brighter note- Andrew is comin home today and we are going on a dinner date! Me and the dogs missed that guy.

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