Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy MAY

I can see the light, and it looks like sunshine and flowers.  Happy May ya'll... Summer is almost here, and after talking with friends last night about plans and things for this summer... summer is almost over.... haha!  JUST KIDDING.  i am going to enjoy every moment, minute by minute- hour by hour.... so many wonderful things happening this summer- I CANT WAIT!. 

ONE MONTH from today... we are leaving on a jet plane to ole Paree...  YIPPIE! I am super excited and googling things left and right... "how to eat in paris cheaply" - "what to bring to Europe" - "what kind of adapters do you need"  -  "what's the exchange rate".... "can you drink the water in Europe"  (i know it ain't mexico)  but 8 hours in front of a computer my mind wanders!

Yes, people it's official, i am going a little crazy on the ole google machine, but we will be VERY prepared.   I can't wait!!  (did i tell you i can't wait?) And hopefully i can blog from Europe, we are bringing the computer and Andrew wants to get a fancy new camera... i can justify that- - - right?  everyone needs a fancy good camera.... (she says... while clutching the credit card...)

The sun is shining today and i am feeling good.  Happy May everyone!  

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