Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

Side note first......

I just started a new Flickr account, because i started using iphoto more and i can easily add my pictures to iphoto from my camera and put them straight up on Flickr- then straight to my blog. Look at me! I am gettin' real savvy in my old age. 
Except!  I couldn't figure out how to add the pictures in the group without them being VERY small.  Can anyone give me any advice on this?  
I ended up just saving them all to my desk top and uploading one by one....

So......Speakin' of old age... It was my birthday yesterday! yippie! Thanks for all the b-day lovin' on Facebook- awe man, facebook really makes your day on your birthday.. I mean people i haven't talked to in years! Real sweet!

I had a great weekend.  On Friday we grilled out at a friends house- on Saturday i got my bike fixed and rode straight to Target to buy a new birthday dress!  Then i went to Sushi with friends for my birthday!  6 people..... 6 bottles of wine (byob)  that's how we roll. 
Needless to say, that night ended a bit early.. Then sunday brunch with more friends!  Then a bit of day drinkin' and out to dinner with my man. 
I got to blow out more candles... good.  now my wish can come true :)

here are some samples from my weekend- starting Thursday night with a little girls night...  i really need to stop drinkin, huh?  Well... it IS finally SUMMER!!.... i'll stop at another time...

Me and Jess riding a bike after $5.00 pizza night at the bar!

Me, Margo & Mary at Brunch for my B-day actual

B-day dinner on Sat. night- Sushi with friends!

Me, Hayley, Colie, Grant, Nick & Mary

Me, Hayley and Colie in our new dresses

This was thursday night also after pizza girls night... i dont have the energy to put these in order after the Flickr indecent....

Margo, Val, Jess & Hayley

Back at my b-day dinner the ladies!

Mary, Me, Hayley, Colie

and of course.... the WINE...

I'm a year older and a year wiser.. YEP!!  you read that correctly.  I am excited to blog all about my upcoming 32nd year... i hope for some big changes this year...... shhhh....

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