Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Song of the day.....

Here is a song of the day for you to enjoy, while i continue to catch up on all of your blog entries that i missed while i was gallivanting abroad!

Back story on this song is:
My friend Nick made a mix CD for me and my lady friends after our last girls trip (he's real good like that). So this song was on it.. i jammed out to it for a few months without knowing who sang it or what it was called (no names of songs...)  but then... we got a new computer and transferred over my music- but for some reason i couldn't find this song.  Then!  On the plane ride home from Amsterdam before watching 6 hours of Sons of Anarchy... (uh huh)....i was watching Hall Pass (i'm a sucker for a dumb romantic comedy).. anywho- in the closing credits of Hall Pass.... this song played..
we are reunited and it feels so good.  Now i know who sings it (after googling- song played at the closing credits of Hall Pass) - what did we do before the google machine? i am happy to  share it with you, hope you like!

Band: Empire of the sun
Song:  Walking on a dream

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