Friday, June 17, 2011

dun, nuh nuh nuh nuh- you say it's your birthday....

dun, nuh nuh nuh nuh It's my birthday too yeah!
I love birthdays and mine is this weekend!!!  Yippie!

Today at work we celebrated, here's a few shots of me.. drinking wine and eating cake..
not pictured.. me eating pizza.  (i MUST go back to yoga or running VERY soon...)  - after my b-day right?? Right.

i thought real long and hard about my birthday wish... then some one made me laugh so my laugh blew out the candle... will my wish still come true?  I need a re-do on my actual birthday, this one didn't count.

Wine and work.... best combination

Me, wine, and cake....  Happy Birthday to me!

Tomorrow night, i am having a Sushi date with my lovely friends then out for drinks in my hood... yipppie!  On Sunday (my actual birthday) i'll be hanging at home, and maybe dinner with andrew (and hopefully a candle to blow out).
It's father's day.. my father lives in texas, Andrew will be at work...if it's nice out perhaps i'll  go for a good long bike ride!  
happy weekend to you all, happy father's day to you and your poppa's!


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