Sunday, June 12, 2011

i'm home!!

I am back in the Chi-town- so happy to be home and i am even more happy that today is Sunday and i have the day off!!  Phew... that jet laggin' stuff is forreal.
So i had hoped to post a ton of photos on here while i was gone- but the internet connection at our hotels were all a bit iffy.  

So i just posted some photos to my facebook page...check it out!

Here is the coolest one that andrew took on one of his fancy iphone apps. 

that's me on top of the e!!!  i almost ripped my pants crawling up there, but it was totes worth it. 

We had such a wonderful trip and i can't believe it's already over.  Every day we were telling ourselves... Live in the moment..... enjoy every moment... and we did- but the days were so full and still went by so fast!  We had 2 cameras, and 2 iphones.. so we got SO MANY SHOTS.. i think Andrew is going to use his Mobile ME account to make a photo library of ALL of our photos.  
Keep ya'll posted with that website address. 

I am off to Costco, the Jewels and Stanley's market to get some veggies/ food in my fridge and in my life.  
Now... on to summer time in Chicago. 
thanks for followin' my European Vacation...  it was well worth the 4+ years we have been plannin on going.



  1. I am so happy you guys enjoyed your fabulous trip. Can't wait to see the pics!

  2. so glad you had a wonderful trip!


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