Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Horray for JUNE!

1.)  It's my Birthday month

2.)  Today is my last day of work before my European Vacation

3.)  It's finally SUMMER!!

4.)  The local neighborhood pool will be open when i get back

5.)  It's grilling season

6.)  Summer's almost over.

Just Kidding! Summer has just begun! And  i have one and half hours till I leave work for a whole WEEK!

7.)  going to PARIS.... TOMORROW!!!

clock.... is.... slowly.........slowly.....ticking...........

Happy June to you!


  1. Well if I had read this first, mayhap I would not have had to yell a lot on your facebook page! Note to self...

    Have so much fun :D

  2. have so much fun! p.s. bring the tennis shoes.


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