Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Texan's at the Taste of Chicago

My friend Alison loves the Lemon Heads, I love the Lemon Heads,  My friend Jeff loves all bands but the Lemon Heads too.  He texted me last week... "the Lemon Heads are playing a free show at the Taste of Chicago... you, me and alison are going..."  WHAT?!?!, FREE?!?! yes. 

Now if you live in the city of Chicago- you usually stay far, far away from the Taste..  it's become a little scary, and packed and well- just expensive, hot and not safe.  But i didn't care- we were going! I ran over there straight from work, and made it just in time to buy tickets (for drinks)/ get a beer/ and get seated in the EMPTY seats... 3rd row center at Lemon Heads!  They sang all there good ones... oh man, i got chills.. You gotta love Evan Dando's voice..

Here are some iphone photos i snapped last night:

 Nice little view of City

My friend Evan Dando

Here we are in front of the Married with Children fountain aka- Buckingham Fountain- just a normal photo taken with my iphone- no app

i showed the last one to Andrew- he emailed it to himself and put it in some crazy awesome app- (that i WILL be buying) and this is the outcome. 

We had lots of fun!  Summer in Chicago equals endless amounts of outside street festivals and live music.  I love nothing more then walking IN THE STREETS with my beer and listening to music.  Last weekend there was a fest right by our house- we went both nights, cause it's fun!  I took pictures to add to my blog (funny how i think of my blog ALL THE TIME).... but i haven't had a chance to upload any to my computer.  Gotta get around to that...

More to come on our plans for the weekend!!.....


  1. remember when we used to listen to "it's a shame about ray" over and over? good memories.

  2. I sure do!! and he sure did sing ALL of "It's a Shame about ray." xo


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