Friday, June 3, 2011


I'm here... and oh man are we jet lagged.  Barely slept on the plane cause there were so many good things to watch!  Andrew brought season 1 of Sons of Anarchy so we started that.. i'm hooked.
But the plane ride was great and did NOT seem like 8 hours at all.
Getting to our hotel was THE WORST. I suggest taking a taxi, or the RER (train).   anywho our driver was a total ASS (excuse my french)... basically had our wrong address and tried to make us take a taxi instead of him driving... ...  but he drove us..  i said Sorry like 130 times.  and he TRIED to make us feel really bad.. didn't work.. Don't care sir, take me where i need to go. :)  i'll show that guy, that i'll never see again!

Any way we made it safe and sound... my impressions so far....
1. SUPER CUTE city

2. love the Cafe's

3. lots of stereo-types

4. people do not move out of your way when walking down the side walk

5. I'll say.... "Bonjour! do you know where so and so is..... i try a little french but then just go back to english and get a little flustered. I asked some girls for directions and after the gave it to me i said.... BONJOUR! instead of Merci'- and i was like... "dang! i meant merci'" in my best texas twang..

6. kids speakin' french is adorable (esp asian baby girls)

7. we have gotten lost every time we try to find our hotel. (not cute)


9.  Paris can be done on a budget - lunch for 2 of us (2 sandwiches and 2 Beers - $12.40- not bad!)

10.  andrew and i are both delrious, and are just trying not to fall asleep.  MUST STAY AWAKE.

We did a lot today tho!  Got on the Metro - and ventured on up north (i think).  Went to the The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris

We walked up about 400 steps to get to the top of this beautiful cathedral- my legs are like jello....
(i did not take this photo)
but i did take a bunch of pictures but i'm too cracked out to upload them right now.  i'll do a whole other post about this- it was awesome- you could see a view of the entire city... the eiffel tower!!

Then we saw Moulin Ruge-  and Notre Dame.  We just got to get into our hotel room and there is free Wi-Fi! so here i am writing a post, and chatting with Hayley on instant message (hieeee)!
.... as Hayley says.... it is the 2000's after all. (that I'm in Paris and we are chatting at what seems like i am at my desk at work).

ok, bon voyage- off to drink some wine and eat dinner! and wake andrew up from his nap.. DANG HE FELL ASLEEP!!  we gotta get on Europe time.
Adios!  (i gotta learn, goodbye in french)

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  1. "SUPER CUTE city"

    Understantement MASTER!



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