Wednesday, July 13, 2011

busy, busy, busy

hey there.  I have been real busy over here with work... and LOT'S of  personal things too.. (of course!)

We are having our annual girls trip in TWO weeks!  I can't believe its almost here!  Back in march (with snow on the ground) my friend Hayley and i went to find the house, and now here we are July and it's time to start shopping folks!

So i  have  been organizing a list of groceries we need... want to see some of it?  I am VERY organized people and i started throwing this shit together.  We made a meal plan for every day then the grocery List.

Here is some of my section:

Jess & Mary do Costco
la croix
2 head of broccoli
5 18 packs of eggs [thats 90 eggs, thats 2 each every day]
30 or more [1.5lb] slice of cheese[swiss and cheddar]
3 packages [4ish lbs] ground turkey
3 cases of Miller Lite
3 cases of Bud Lite
pita chips
Lettuce (salad)
3 lbs of deli lunchmeat [ham turkey][ham for burgers and
1 big trail mix
4 loaf of bread [sammies/toast][72 is 2 slices each a day.144 slices would be 4 each per day]
3 burger buns [24] [grill night][egg sammies]
3 hot dog buns [24] [grill night]

that is just ONE section of my list.  There are 6 Chicago girls that will be doing the shopping.. (2 girls flying in from LA).  I am so excited and there is a lot to do in 2 weeks.. Weeeeee! 
Here is the house for our Annual Girls Trip!  There is a BAR, and a POOL, and a POOL TABLE!  haha. i did a blog post about this prob back in March, but i am so excited it's here so, i am doing it again!!!

Also... the other thing i am doing (read: stressin' about) is: finding the CHEAPEST, QUICKEST way to get a bridesmaid dress for my Best Friend's Wedding... haha no really.. 

Wanna see the dress? 

Ask and you shall receive.  This is for Holly's wedding in November, it's real pretty and the Dallas folk found it pretty cheap but us 2 chicago bridesmaids are on the search (read: I AM ON THE SEARCH).

So hopefully, we can go get fitted, order it and have it back in time to get any alterations.  

Oh!  And i cancelled my yoga membership. I feel pretty good about it.  Thanks for talking me through it blog-o-sphere. must SAVE money....

What did i do before this blog?!?!?!? 
Drive my husband crazy that's what.... oh, don't worry- i am still doing that just fine. 


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