Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jess and a moment of Zen

So,  guess what i did tonight?

P90X !

uh huh... do you know what this is?  Well i didn't really.  I had heard of it, that it was "crazy, super hard, intense workout"...  and so on.
I am not really sure how it works there's like 12 sections to the workout.  I am pretty sure you just do one each day for 90 days.... hmmm.

Andrew got me a copy of these dvd's from a friend, so we didn't buy it and i don't have all the directions (or the vitamins or books..)  I did one section of it tonight it was good!  I did good!

BUT i don't have a bar to hang from in my house (nor can i do pull ups on said bar) and my apartment is too small to be rolling around and jumping like a crazy lady.
So we shall see what how much i can do with this...

I have been feeling a bit.. blah, lately. I wanna get fit and loose weight and be toned!!  What lady doesn't, right?
I have been conflicted with paying so much money a month for my beloved Bikram Yoga. I haven't been going enough to make it worth it.  And lets face it, i really should be saving money!!

Summers can be difficult... you go out of town, you drink on porches, you bbq and eat tons of good stuff....  the thought of going to a HOT yoga studio on a summer night is just not my idea of fun.

So, i think i decided i will do it for ONE more month.. then stop the monthly automatic payment.  Right?

Summers can also be pretty easy to work out for can run outside- ride your bike- go for walks.... yeah, so i'll be ok if i quit yoga and i can always go back and pay by class.......
(UGH!) i hope....

Hopefully, i'll start waking up early- and go for runs (i did it on Wednesday!) Then go to yoga at night for the next month..(fingers crossed)

So- where does the title "Jess and a moment of Zen" come in you might ask....

 When all of this craziness going on in my head today I get an email from my sweet husband. It was of a video that he took of me in Brugges.

He called it "Jess and a moment of Zen".  - (side note:  You can click on the upper left hand corner of Andrew's Mobile Me on the word "Gallery"  and see some more of our Europe pictures/ and Electric Forest pics that andrew took)

I decided i will watch this video- when my mind begins to wonder and i need a moment of ZEN - when i am thinking about the what if's, working out (or lack there of), or any of the million other things....and i can take a moment to enjoy the peacefulness we experienced In Brugges.


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  1. I might have to use your video when I need a moment of zen, too!


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