Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm off!

Hey! Sorry i have been M.I.A- but i have been real busy packing and cleaning and shopping for my Annual Girls Trip!  wooooooot! 
Today is my final day of work for the week, and i the time can not go any slower. 
After work, i am leaving to pick up my friend Jess, then going to my house and loading up the car - and off we go to Wisconsin! (most of the ladies will be there already)
I'll have no internet, no computer, prob. a bad phone connection. It'll be lovely.  i'll take lots of pictures.

In the mean time, please send good, positive thoughts that this work day goes by very quickly! i am so anxious to get there and get in a pool! 

But for now i gotta go do work...   Submitting on this today...

THE PLAYBOY CLUB, Episode #101, "The Scarlet Bunny" (Chicago)
20th Century Fox / NBC
One Hour

check out the trailer:  I booked a guy in the pilot, super exciting! (not seen here)

Horray for tv shows shooting in Chicago!  Now to book more peeps on it!  gotta go, so the day flies by and i can go relax in a beautiful log house with my lady friends.



  1. Have sooooo much fun! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. have fun jessica! you gurls trip looks awesome~


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