Saturday, July 9, 2011

Reporting to you live from....

Tri Cities Tennessee...

What?  You never heard of this place?  Welp.. neither had I.  I am here on business.  Yes, in my business we get to travel around and scout new and up coming talent.  My boss and co worker normally do this sort of scouting (small town, first time in front of an agent, or first time on stage...)
But my boss and said co- worker were busy doing a different event this weekend and he ask me to do it..

Boss:  Want to go to Tri Cities Tennessee on Fri. July 8- you'll be back Saturday.
me:  Does it pay?  How much...
Boss:  Yes, you'll get a check.
Me:  (looking at my bank account)  OK!  Why not...

I guess now is a good time to explain- exactly what i do for a living.  I am a Talent Agent, i have been doing this for 10 years, and i love it.  and i am good at it.  I have been at my current agency for 2 years in October, and let's just say.. i really don't get paid what I am worth.  Not to toot my own horn, but i was unemployed for 9 months, and i took a salary that was pretty low because i AM a talent agent, and i needed a job.. (not naming any names on this post).
So, i represent actors and models of all ages and sizes.  But my love is actors.  I love a good, well trained passionate actor.   Models.. (not as much)..
Sometimes I have to do these events where I travel around and scout for new talent.  

I got here last night, direct flight in from Chicago, took a shuttle on the way to the hotel.  The pilots that just flew my plane were in my shuttle.  Talk about a small airport folks, i have never seen anything smaller. (and i have flown into Harligen, TX.)

On the drive to the hotel, we almost killed Bambi.  Forrealz ya'll.  This little baby deer was in the MIDDLE of the highway... i was looking around and enjoying the nighttime drive... and driver slams on the breaks.. oh man.  at first i thought it was a coyote, but nope... bambi!  I'll tell you what, i now understand the meaning of a Deer in Headlights.. that little bugger didn't move an inch... just stood there right in the line of fire. Thank god my old guy hotel driver spared the deers life, and OURS!!  A guess that's a good thing about being in a town with NO drivers on the highway at 9pm. I'm a  long way from home.

Anyway.. The hotel was really nice, i went to the hotel bar, got a beer- then another to go! Went back up to my room took a bath and read my book (still reading The Help)  I missed my little family back in Chi-town, but I sure do love a KING size bed and a fancy hotel all to myself.

Today we had the showcase, first the runway show, then commercial auditions, then the monologues, then more runway.  Some of the kids were pretty good... some... well, let's just say their mom's were more excited then they were.

NOW i am at the airport. I was the ONLY person in the line at security. There is ONE flight leaving this airport now (3 all day)... they said.. "oh! it's slow on Saturdays"... uh huh.  I have a lay over in Charlotte North Carolina.. oh what i would do for a transport to take me straight home!  But it's an experience. And of course in all my little experiences, i take pictures for my blog!

Here's the little plane I took from Chicago, we had to climb down the stairs... Entourage style.

King Size bed, all for ME!

Had a beer and walked outside to find this nice little fire going... nice little Friday night in the Tri Cities

Here is some shots from the balcony of my hotel room.  Pool, rolling hills, golf course, my little out door seating. 

here's me now, typing away- waiting for the one plane outta here.
My view, at the Empty airport.  
There are about 12 folks here waiting for this plane outta here. haha...
Hope everyone is having a good Saturday!  Thanks for sharing in my little business adventure.

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