Friday, July 15, 2011

It's a boy!

hahaha, No... not me.. BUT my sister is preggers! and she just found out she's having a BOY!!!

that was funny huh?  the title?  Right?  

My Brother has a girl:   Olivia almost 11 years old (WHAT?!?!  I'm old)

My little Liv, not so little anymore!

Olivia was the first grandkid, first niece, first everything, and we love her so much.  Olivia will be 11 in September and i can't even believe she is growing up so fast!  
And it also means in September- Andrew and I will celebrate our 11th anniversary of dating.. That is crazy too.  Right?!?  

Then my sister had a baby who will be 4 in december.. time flies!  Another girl!  This is my sweet baby Simone... or as i like to call her.. my simonzies.. 

My Simone- (sorry she's wearing a longhorns t-shirt Cortney) haha!

I love these two little girls so much it hurts, but i can't wait to see a boy in the Thomas family!  horray!!  New baby boy Crutchfield (sister's married last name) is due in December, so when i come home for Christmas- there will be a new little boy there!  Oh man, i can't wait. 

Here's a cute little collage i made of my sweet nieces from a skype chat i had with them.  They are the best!



  1. doesn't having kids in the family make christmas so much more fun??? congrats on your nephew! boys are a different breed :)

  2. those sweet girls are so stinkin cute jessica! congrats on being an auntie again~


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