Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Heat Wave

I know you Texas folk are dealing with MUCH worse, but the Midwest ain't used to 90 degrees- consecutive days in a row...... And my AC Broke!!!  hopefully it is getting fixed as i type.. fingers crossed, good thoughts, good vibes sent to Winchester! My poor Chai is sitting in that hot apartment panting i am sure.  poor baby!!  Let's look at her.

Sweet puppy face.  We have like 15 fans going all pointing at her, so hopefully she will be ok for the day.  

So yesterday Andrew had the day off- and that is the day the AC decided to die.  So we went downtown to Millenium Park to see a free show and have a picnic!  It was real nice (and HOT).  We stopped at Subway on the way got a foot long to split, and brought a 6 pack of beer (of course).  It wasn't as crowded as i thought- but such great people watching! 

Took a few iphone photos: (naturally)

view from the grass, love this little girl in her bathing suit!

Moved up to the front to see the band: Blonde Redhead- so good! (and free)
beer/ coozie
gotta get the bean shot!
on our walk home from the train, these guys were jammin out doing some great blue grass.
Sorry for the blur on that last photo- i caught this photo from my phone while crossing the street.. pretty slick, but blurry.  These guys sounded awesome!

Not pictured, our trip to get Frozen Yogurt after getting off the train...Anything to get cool in the Midwest Heatwave.  Let's call it:  Summergeddon... not to be confused with Snowmaggedon aka Snowpocolypse

Nothing but extremes in ole Chi-town.


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