Monday, July 4, 2011

Electric Forest

Happy 4th!  I had the best weekend!  I went camping with 12  friends in Rothberry Michigan.  Thanks to my friend Grant Simmon (and his lovely wife Nicole- Hi colie!)  We got to camp in "The Good Life" section of a huge 4 day music fest.  Not only did we have a prime camping spot (near the air conditioned bathrooms and showers) we got VIP "Artists" passes.

A brief explanation.. this festival used to be call Rotherberry Music Festival- but this year they changed the name to Electric Forest Festival.
Grant staged managed one of the main stages and was able to get us all free/ vip/ artists/ passes for the weekend.  It was awesome.

We all took off on Saturday morning with 5 cars and camping gear in tow.  Each car had a walkie talkie in their car (thanks Tony!)- we caravanned about 4 hours north.

When we got there we set up all our tents and got our camp site ready

Margo and Heather with their pop up tent

our location 

Colie, Jesse, and Tony

Nick and Jess


our awesome set up

Grill Master- Andrew


Re-Think Crew

Then we headed out to the festival to check it out.. When we got to Grant's stage (short walk thru the woods)  REO Speedwagon was singing their greatest hits. It was awesome and a sight to see.

REO SpeedWagon

Andrew and a camera

Some of the ladies
Then we went to the "Artist" section... you know.. where REO speedwagon hangs out...
There was a pool... we could swim in the pool- and drink FREE beer and wine... Heaven!! On the 2nd day there was a great pool party with a dj (andrew has those pictures... i was in the pool!)

Pool in the daylight day one

Pool at night..
At night, is when the forest comes alive. I really can't even explain the forest.... There were so many art installations/ lights/ hippies... here are some shots...  Really doesn't do it justice.

The entrance to the actual Forest

all the trees lit up

Installations in the trees
See what i mean... Andrew took a million great pictures that i can't wait to get my hands on-
Here are just a few more shots in the "Good Life" area in front of the stage watching "Pretty Lights" - a great DJ that really worked the crowd.

Lots of Pretty Lights

Back Stage- load out.
We really had such an amazing time, one that i will never forget!  Thanks to all that made this weekend so wonderful.. I love my friends!  And Happy 4th again to you.  Yay Summer!


  1. whatever! that sounds like a blast! can't wait to see andrew's pictures.


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