Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 Year Anniversary

It was a busy weekend for the Chobot's.  On Saturday after the wedding- Andrew and I celebrated our FIVE Year wedding anniversary!

On our honeymoon, we talked about going back to Puerto Vallarta for our 5 year anniversary... we planned it, it was happening.  But here we are today and I am 8 months preggers.  Needless to say, we did not go back to Mexico for our 5 year anniversary- Next year.  Instead we went out to dinner, and had dessert and came home and relaxed. That is how you do a 5 year wedding anniversary 8 months pregnant, folks!

For dinner we went to Briciola  a new Italian restaurant that is BYOB and a block away from our house. We had a nice romantic table outside and the food was so good.  I ordered a SPICY pasta and shrimp dish and the waiter asked if i was "DUE" soon, because a woman had come in last week and order the same thing and gave birth that night.   I assured him i was not planning on giving birth after eating this, but i'll for sure come back if I am trying to go into labor. AKWARD.  Regardless, food was awesome, dessert was amazing- and my glass of wine that i sipped on was delightful.
Sorry, hope you aren't offended I had wine.  It was glorious and it was in public and i didn't care.  Happy Anniversary to me!

Labor inducing Freshly made pasta and shrimp

The lovely patio

Little decor.

Apparently this tiramisu is award winning. It was delightful. I love being pregnant and eating everything!

husband and red wine

Chai and my Belly

Little family shot, Chai, Andrew and baby Chobot

Even though we celebrated five years of marriage, in September we will be celebrating 12 years of being together.  I am very excited and nervous and eager and ready for this new chapter in our life with a brand new baby.  We may not know what to expect or how much our lives are about to change, but I am certain together we can and will do this and love this little baby more than we know.   Baby Chobot just kicked me to let me know we will be alright.

Love you Andrew! Happy 5 years!

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