Monday, August 13, 2012

Hayley's Bachelorette Party

It was a success!  On Sat. we celebrated my sweet friend Hayley's bachelorette party!  With her wedding slowly approaching we got a bunch of girls together and had such a great day.  Jess, Colie and myself emailed back and forth for weeks coming up with a master plan.  And that we did.

We met at all the girls at a new bar called Estate Ultra Bar, right on the river.  Reservations were at 2pm. Before that Colie and her husband Grant and I met at the sail boat we were taking out for the day to decorate and set up the food we had catered in from Fox and Obel - a great grocery store down town.  At 2pm we headed to the bar and met- Jess were she had held down the fort and order appetizers and pitchers of Sangria.  Hayleys' four friends from Indiana were there: Kelly, Mandy, Gabby and Becky and then Mary and Margo showed up and of course Hayley.

Photos of the bar:

Hayley & Becky

the spread

so good!

Beautiful Bachelorette

L- R: Kelly, Margo, Gabby, Mandy

Gabby, Mandy, Colie

Hayley, Becky, Kelly

Then we had our first little surprise.  Question of the day was..."how are we getting from the bar to the boat?  Our answer:  we called a few cabs... Which of course was not true. We all waiting in the parking lot for:  THE LIMO we rented for the hour.  It was totes worth it, everyone was really surprised and a few girls said it was their first time in a limo

Limo Pics:

waiting for "our rides"
The secret Limo

Red Carpet!

Bride to be

She's a natural

Chuggin' the Champers in the limo- Mary, Colie & Margo

Hayley- out the window

Jess, double fistin'

My shoes

the other end of the limo

Then we headed to the sail boat!  Where we met Val who came from a test - straight from medical school- and Grant, our captain for the day.  And we were off!  We went for a sail around the harbor, then into the lake for a swim!  Me and Baby Chobot did pretty well on the boat, we got in the water to swim too, so i don't have any photos of that part, but it was fun!  I did have to lay down for a bit after the cold dip in Lake Michigan.. brrrrrrr!  But the weather was perfect.  Such a beautiful day for a sail.

Here are some photos of the boat:


Add caption

Amazing view



More champers!

Here are the rest of the photos i took.  The end of our night included:  opening hilarious and sweet presents, Surprise Fireworks!  (we didn't actually set these up, in Chicago in the summer there are fireworks every Wednesday and Saturday nights at Navy Pier)- So awesome.

Opening hilarious "video" gifts here...

Hayley and Val- looking at the camera

Blur of the group

Fireworks on the water

Then after some gals left for the evening- the boat a few spaces down had a surprise for the bride to be. The one request Hayley had was- NO STRIPPERS---  well little did we know the guys at the boat down the way didn't get this memo and Grant got one of their friends to do a little strip tease for Hayley, Colie, Me, Val, Margo and Mary.  I didn't get too many photos of this either but it was really hilarious.

Hayley, Colie, and "Captain Stripper dude"

That's the only one i got.  the "stripper" pretended to be the captain of the boat. Hilarious.

And- here's the group photos!

Group Shot!

Such a fun night!  Can't wait for the wedding.

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