Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baby Chobot's bedroom

Aka.. The nursery is gettin' done!! Almost everything is set up! Last night Andrew's mom and sister (what would I do without them) came to the city and brought us the crib and our stroller and tons of clothes and more. They put the crib together and we unpacked some of the presents and put them were they should go. Andrew and I have walked in and out of that room 100 times just to look at it. We are ready for you baby!!
I am feeling much better about things. I think it's just a one day at a time thing for me. Just need to remember to breathe and know that everything will be great.

I can't believe how quickly this room transformed from Andrew's man space/ computer room to our baby's nursery. Pretty crazy. Here are just some photos I took last night from my phone. I still want to get some bird wall decals and just a few more decorations and such.

Also, yes the room is blue- we are renters and it came this way. I'm not sure how long we will be in this apartment so if baby is a girl, hope she'll likes blue!

View from standing in the door
Chai Chai starring at the crib.  She doesn't know what's about to happen....
the CRIB!  And a video moniter (charging)
Thanks for the turtle Adair!  this thing is awesome.. Stars on the ceiling. I want one for our room..
another view from the door.
this might be the same picture..
view from inside the room
book shelf

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  1. looking good for baby chobot! does he/she have a name yet? you and sarah are killing me by not telling the sex OR name. ugh. just kidding! xoxoxo


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