Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am in love with a new app i just got for my iphone.  It's called-  instagram
You can take a picture and re- do it with many different filters and then post it on the site.  You "follow" people like on facebook and they can see the pictures you took and you can see theirs.  You can "like" their photos and make a comment- it's super fun!  I hope that you all go out and get this app so we can follow each other- but in the mean time- here are some of the recent photos i added to instagram (who needs facebook anymore)  JK!!  i do love posting more on here and instagram that i have lately on facebook, but don't get me wrong- i will forever be obsessed with facebook.
my photos:  
me: taking a photo of the photo booth.... naturally.

A picture of the kitchen in one of the best burger and beer joints in Chicago, Revolution Brewery
Me and my sweet friend Hayley (after we knocked a couple back) xo

Here's me. I didn't take it- but i added the filter :)

my street while walking my dog Chai

And last but not least- my sweet Chai in the bathtub- needless to say she was not happy. haha love her!

Happy Wednesday ya'll- i am going out for sushi tonight for my other sweet friend Mary's birthday!  Sushi and wine Wednesday as i like to call it.


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