Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mixin' it up

Hey Ya'll look at me!  I redesigned my blog!  I wish there were more options.... JK- there are SO MANY.  It's very hard to decide how i want my blog to look.....jeez, decisions, decisions.
I think i might just have to change it up every now and then.  That's how i roll- changin' things up from time to time.  Keeps me busy!

We are not having our weekly girls night this week, so i am going to test myself to see if I can go to yoga every night this week (with no drinking)  So far so good- two nights down!  Not that i am huge lush, but i do enjoy a glass of wine with dinner every now and then....

This past weekend we celebrated my friend Val's birthday- all my girl friends (that live in Chicago) from my Girls Trip- were able to come.  We went to Val's house, drank wine and beer and ordered in Asian food, and played games!  It was real fun.  My friend Colie made a Cheese Cake from scratch- OMG when i get the recipe i will share it... (if she let's me.. HI COLIE!!!)
From left to right:  Colie, Jess, ME and Hayley snuggled up on the couch- MID catch phrase game. :)

let's call this one FACE!!!  Left to Right:  ME, Mary, Colie, and Val- the birthday girl.  

 Sorry for the blurriness on the last picture- lets assume this is towards the end of the night and we were a couple in...  Nights like this make me feel so happy and lucky that I have such amazing friends.  lots of love !

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