Monday, March 28, 2011

We have a guest!

Hi friends,  my husband is out of town and i have a new man takin' his place....  Meet Buddy!  My friends Colie and Grant drove to Florida for their family vacation and i am watching this little guy.  I love him, he is super cuddly and so sweet.  Not to mention it makes my Chai a little more cuddly- she gets real jealous....

Buddy Simon

Chai, meet Buddy your new roomy!

Below is my attempt at a Photo Shoot:

Chai, obviously learned her poses from her mother.

Buddy's good side

I lost em'
 I am having lots of fun with these two, they are really keepin' me company.  Andrew went to California today for work. He's on Apple's main campus in Cupertino California learning smart apple things...... he's havin' fun in the sun......... while i..... well, while i cuddle with these two.  He's been gone a day and i am ready for him to come back to me, safe and sound (with a water bottle with the apple logo on it for me).... Im easy people.  Altho i am lookin' forward to a night alone on a queen size bed...and i'm watchin' Sex and the City!  I'm gonna go make some popcorn.

Adios! xo

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