Monday, March 7, 2011

Song of the night

Band:  Broken Bells
Song:  The High Road

James Mercer from the Shins (aka- one of my all time favorite bands) and Danger Mouse.  James Mercer's voice kills me.  I love it.. When this first came out... i thought.. did the Shins come out with a new album, and i didn't know!?!?  Alas, this is what happened.. a side project that i love so much.

Also, i am procrastinating getting to sleep. You see- my husband works for apple- And he came home with a new Mac Book Pro for us to take to Europe...... no, we do not have the money for this little gem i am trying out for the first time right now- but he got a really good deal- and my old mac was breathing it's last breath running on 6/7 years.. and you have to keep it plugged in at all times!! (That is really hard to take on airplanes)  I of course- had buyers remorse and got nervous about this purchase... (on the credit card with 6 mos interest free).  But it's real fun look what i can do:
Yeah- this is pretty amazing.. I think we will keep our new MacBook Pro.  Good Night ya'll.  Chat soon.

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