Saturday, March 19, 2011


Happy Saturday!  I went running today for the first time since.... probably....mmmm... a long ass time.  I love running outside, but dontcha know its been winter here forever!!  Today was one of the first saturdays it's been bareable  (49 degrees) and like i have mentioned before 5k season is here!  My first 5k is April 23, i gotta sign up- and start practicing.
So today i went for it.!  I did good, i ran a whole mile without stopping.. then my dang ear phones kept falling outta my ears.  I swear i have mis-shapen earlobes.  I need the ones that really stick in there, none if this resting in the ear business.. needless to say there was a lot of running and stopping to put those little suckers back in there.
So i kept running, then ran into the bank then to walgreens, then to gas station to get a drink.. all in all (walking and stopping) i went about 3.89 miles! Yippie!
I got a fancy new app (for free!) that helped me in the process and tracked my run.. it's call iMapMyRUN
and it had over a 1000 reviews. hey, can't go wrong with that.   im a sucker for reviews.

on Thursday it was St. Patricks day, and it was close to 70 degrees!  So after work i took Chai to the dog park.

Here is a pic of me at the dog park and my GREEN shades so no strangers would pinch me!

and here is Chai Runnin' home.   She's a runner too!!

She was pooped after that run/ walk/ jog/ dog park play...

Horray for Spring! Even Chicago is now feeling it.

Oh, and check out the moon tonight.. it's supposed to be the biggest full moon in years. "SUPER MOON"

read about it here

Here is a great image from that link....
So look up at the moon tonight!!
xoxo jtc

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